Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour: Outrageously Fun

By Jessica Broverman, Online Editor

Many of us grew up with Miley Cyrus from when she rocked a blonde wig and was secretly a pop star in high school. From then to now, the transition she has made has been drastic and though some people question her morality, it has not diminished her fan base.

On August 4, Miley Cyrus performed at Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center in which she presented a show that was mesmerizing and non-stop fun. Before attending the Bangerz tour concert, I expected Miley to have her tongue out at all times, including while singing, and to hear every song from her new album entitled Bangerz. The best things you will witness and hear when attending a Miley concert are as follows and they will blow you away!

Big Sean will be present in bobble head form. This five foot tall head piece resembling Big Sean looks as though it is the same size as Miley. Rocking giant gold sneakers, a gold chain, sunglasses and a huge red snap back, there is no way you can miss this festive way of incorporating Big Sean into the performance of “Love, Money, Party.”

Prepare to see what resembles a starry sky within the audience. During Miley’s performance of “Stand by Me” also known as “My Darlin’“, the crowd broke out their phones and the crazy, glittered arena turned into something straight off of the silver screen. This lasted throughout the whole song, and if you looked beyond the glare of the lights, you could see how touched audience members were by the song.

Probably one of the sweetest and fun parts of the concert were present during the kiss camera while Miley sang her hit song, “Adore You.” There were no dancers, no crazy outfits, and no spotlights. There were, however, some very sweet kisses shared between audience members. Though most of the affection shared tugged on everyone’s heart strings, there were a few that made us cringe.

Something that everyone in the back row of the stadium can look forward to is Miley performing up close and personal. Though the majority of her performance is on the main stage at the front of the stadium, she does perform two or three songs on a smaller stage at the other end of the stadium so other fans can have the chance to see her as well.

You will also receive a shower if you are lucky enough to be in the front row. That shower being Miley spitting water on everyone. In my personal opinion, it is not ideal to get spat on by anyone, even if it is Miley. Some girls were in the audience not only yelling, but begging for Miley to spit in their face.

You can expect to see Miley using some pretty extravagant props during her performances. Her entrance is her coming down a slide, but not just any slide; this slide is her tongue. Though at first glance your immediate reaction is, “what?!” You can’t help it but to admit that it was pretty funny and creative. She also takes a ride on a massive hot dog. Yes, that really happened.

If you are looking for a quiet night out that is relaxing, then this concert is not for you. If you enjoy hot dogs, flashing lights, singing, kissing, and crazy antics, then you can purchase your tickets for the Bangerz tour at Though Miss Cyrus has lost her good girl edge, she can still put on one heck of a show!