SGA meeting further discusses building closures on campus

By Daniel Morgan, Contributing Writer and Jessica Broverman, Editor

West Liberty’s SGA held a meeting on April 21 in the Alumni Room to discuss the closures of three buildings on campus: Shotwell Hall, Annex, and College Hall. These buildings have been scheduled to close this fall. SGA has created a lengthy resolution for the Administration and the Board’s Finance Committee to fight for College Hall to stay open. The reasoning for closer’s on campus is due to lack of students with a 5% decrease in enrollment amongst other things.

In a meeting held on April 22 in Kelly Theater, Interim President Dr. John McCullough stated, “Options are being reviewed and no final decision has been made on closing the buildings as mentioned in recent budget discussion. The building closures were included as a possible option regarding budget cutting. Other options are now being considered to offset the cost savings associated with closing those buildings.” 

A Facebook petition has also been created in an effort to keep the buildings open on campus. At this time, there are over 900 signatures on the petition. One point that SGA made is that closing the buildings will result in less students enrolling at West Liberty.

McCullough also stated in a school wide email, “The decision to close College Hall and the ceramics studio is not final. At this time, options and alternatives are being reviewed as relates to those facilities. Nothing will be done to jeopardize our outstanding academic programs in art and music. I firmly believe a practical and workable resolution will be developed so as to effectively serve our students and faculty in those programs. We will work to expedite a resolution and to inform you as soon as possible.”

WLU student, Becky Hughes says, “This isn’t just important to art students. Taking away important classes and buildings effects everyone.” The budget at this point is just under $10,000 and at SGA’s meeting on April 21, they discussed using that money for a new printer, TV’s for the Union Ballroom, a bike for the Wellness Center, and a fan for the treadmill room.  

For further elaboration on the possible closure of the Annex building, College Hall, and Shotwell Hall, please read this week’s print edition of The Trumpet.