Office of Student Life at West Liberty is beginning to incorporate safe in-person events on campus


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Three West Liberty University students demonstrate proper mask etiquette in preparation for the shift to phase three. This change allows for in-person activities to resume on campus.

In person classes are being resumed on West Liberty’s campus. As of Oct. 12 The Office of Student Life has started to integrate in-person activities back to West Lib life. This breaks from the pattern of the semester so far with clubs, organizations, and events have all having met virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
In order to restart in-person activities, all organizations are required to follow the safety guidelines set out by the University for the semester. This change moves West Liberty into phase three – the socially distant phase. Indoor gatherings will run at 50% capacity and will have an upper limit of 25 people, even if the capacity of the room at 50% is greater than 25. If an event intends to have more than 25 people in attendance indoors then special approval will be needed.
Those attending events will be required to wear masks, as per university and state guidelines. This is to decrease the potential spread of the coronavirus.
There will be monitoring to ensure that protocols are being taken seriously and that safety measures are being followed. An email sent from Kate Billings on Oct. 12 noted the importance of following the guidelines. “It is important to note that without everyone’s cooperation and personal responsibility, this setup may be taken away if there is a spike in COVID cases. Clubs and members must be leaders and follow protocols in order to minimize the spread!”
As mentioned, students in clubs will be able to meet as long as a two meter (6 foot) distance is maintained between members, similar to how in-person classes are running this fall. Students and faculty are being asked to not move any desks or seating in meeting areas so that contact is minimized, and effective distancing can be maintained. Appropriate measures will be put in place to ensure that equipment is sanitized. Club meetings and on-campus events must also submit a campus event form which can be found here.
Virtual meeting options will still be made available to students who do not feel comfortable physically attending the events at this time. The format of any virtual options will depend on the event, but many are likely to be held via Zoom.
Outdoor events are easier to operate at this time but booking of the quad or other outdoor facilities through the Office of Student Life is still highly recommended to reduce potential conflicts and overcrowding issues.
A more detailed breakdown of each stage can be found at