Student housing is searching for resident assistants

The Resident Assistant search process is underway again at West Liberty University. Resident assistants, or RAs, are responsible for keeping the peace in the dorms, organizing on-campus events and helping their residents connect with other members of the campus community. While a big part of their job is to ensure rules are being followed, this does not even begin to cover an RA’s job description. Lauryn Fridley, whose experience as an RA has spanned four semesters, said that, “RAs do way more than write people up and get people in trouble.”
Being a resident assistant takes a certain amount of responsibility and dependability. It is also important to be positive and friendly, since the job involves a lot of communication both with residents as well as employees and faculty members. Rebekah Teter, another resident assistant here at West Liberty, stated that, “these qualities will allow them to do their job successfully, whether it is a duty night or they’re checking in on a resident who’s having a rough week.”
Becoming an RA is also beneficial for the student taking the position. Both Teter and Fridley mentioned one big reason to become an RA: the connections. Fridley said: “I’ve found some of the greatest people while working in this job. You essentially become a part of a little family and you have people that will be your friends forever.”
To become a resident assistant, a student must attend one of the interest meetings held each semester. The process after the initial meeting includes shadowing an RA while they are on duty and an interview. “The RA application process may seem intimidating, but remember, we were all in your spot once,” says Teter.