WLU presidential search update: Dr. W. Franklin Evans met with campus community Oct. 29

WLU presidential search update: Dr. W. Franklin Evans met with campus community Oct. 29

West Liberty University is searching for its next president, with several of the candidates meeting with students, staff, and faculty throughout the remainder of the next few weeks.

Dr. W. Franklin Evans met with students, faculty, and staff on Thursday, Oct. 29. Unfortunately, power was lost on the south end of campus on this day, which forced all of Dr. Evans meetings to be pushed to Zoom. Each of his zoom meetings are available to watch via TopperStation.

The open meeting Dr. Evans had was around 47 minutes long, where he talked about where he is from, what college he is currently president at, and answered some questions pertaining to his plans for the University if he becomes West Liberty’s next president. He has nearly 25 years of experience in higher education and has worked at several institutions in seven different states.

“Great things have been happening here. I think Dr. Greiner has done an amazing job as president, and it would be my job to carry the baton. It appears to be a wonderful environment, a wonderful place to live,” said Dr. Evans as he talked to the community about the positive attributes of West Liberty. “I see this as a great opportunity that I would like to be a part of,” Dr. Evans said.

Dr. Evans wants to make sure that the students know that everything he would do for the campus would be for the betterment of student life, and that he takes their wellbeing very seriously. If he becomes president, he looks forward to walking around campus to meet the students.

To view the meetings with Dr. Evans, please visit topperstation.com. Be sure to voice your opinion by submitting a “Your Voice Matters” for each candidate. Please note that you must use and have access to your West Liberty email, you can only complete each form once, and your submission will be anonymous. If you would like to manually complete a form, please visit westliberty.edu/bog/, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Your Voice Matters” link. Forms filled out manually can be dropped off in room 107 in Shaw Hall.