Division one college football has provided sunshine in an otherwise cloudy 2020


With the ongoing complications the United States has been facing in regards to the infamous novel coronavirus, many questions have been raised with how the sports world would be affected, including the wonder of whether or not fans would be able to experience a college football season this year. Despite a year that has been plagued with misfortune and melancholy, college football persevered through this adversity, and began their season on time…well, for some at least.
In regards to NCAA Division 1 college football, conferences had the option of whether or not they would participate in the season, whether it be on time or a delayed start. The Power 5 conferences who opted to begin their season on time include the BIG12, ACC, SEC, while the conferences who had a delayed start time include the BIG10 and PAC12. Although there have been minor outbreaks teams have dealt with, forcing the postponement/cancellation of some games, there has been an overall success for college football this year, which in turn has been a fantastic entertainment outlet for fans nationwide.
Although there have been strict limitations this season, many college football fans across the country have been given the opportunity to attend games in person. The Oklahoma Sooners, who have a stadium capacity of more than 86,000, are holding fan attendance to 25%. The Clemson Tigers, who have a stadium capacity of 81,500, are holding fan attendance to 23%. Finally, the Alabama Crimson Tide, who have a stadium capacity of upwards of 102,000, are holding fan attendance to only 20%. Although there are limitations being placed to ensure the health and safety of others, the possibilities for fans to enjoy games are still there, something in which did not seem possible at the beginning of the pandemic.
College football, at any level, is a means that brings people together. Even during a pandemic, where people are desperately searching for any type of escape, college football has still persevered, providing a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy 2020.