Two Masked Toppers battle in a sing-off to move onto the next round

On Wednesday Nov. 4, 2020 West Liberty University’s Student Activities Instagram account posted recordings for the first ever Masked Topper event. The Masked Topper event is kind of similar to the television show the Masked Singer because students that are voting for their favorite singer have no idea who they are but they have the opportunity to guess who the contestants are each week. The competition will continue until November 18th when the winner is announced.
On Nov. 4, 2020 the first two contestants’ recordings were uploaded onto the West Liberty University Student Activities Instagram account. Students were also given a few hints to help them figure out who each contestant that participated is.
Kate Billings said, “Every Tuesday evening videos will be posted and voting will take place on Wednesdays.”
The first student sang the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. They are from South Park, Pennsylvania. Their birthday is on March 6, 2002. Their hobbies include singing and songwriting. They are a music education major. They are in the marching band and they are planning on starting a club soon. They are also the cofounder of the ADHDreamers which is the Scatterbrain Squad.
The second student sang Shallow from the movie A Star Is Born. They are from Martinsville, West Virginia. Their birthday is on April 4, 2000. Their hobbies include singing and going to church. Their majors are Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology. They are an RA in Curtis Hall, they are a member of the choir, and they were the president of the Sustainability club last year. They are also legally blind without eyewear.
Billings also said, “It was very difficult to figure out which platform this would work best on. Originally we thought about having it in person event but because of COVID restrictions we decided to make the event virtual. As of October, Zoom numbers have gone down because students have become zoomed out. So we are hoping that Instagram will be a good platform to hold the event on and we also hope to continue it in the future.”
This event gives students the unique opportunity to participate in a fun event through social media. Hopefully the Masked Topper Event will continue to take place in the future. Stay tuned to West Liberty University’s Student Activities Instagram account to keep track of the Masked Topper Event!
For more information about student activities and student life, please email West Liber ty’s student life coordinator, Kate Billings at kate. [email protected].