West Liberty Presidential Candidates continue to visit campus this week

WLU presidential search update: Dr. Michael Victor met with campus community Nov. 10
By Creed Kidney
On Tuesday, Nov. 10, West Liberty University presidential candidate Dr. Michael Victor visited the WLU campus and held an open meeting for students, faculty and the community. The meeting took place in the Kelly Theatre in the Fine Arts building and was also accessible to view through Zoom. A recording of the meeting is now also available to view on Topper Station. Students were encouraged to participate in the meeting and ask questions.
Dr. Victor is from Erie, Pennsylvania, where he has served as Mercyhurst University’s twelfth president for the past five years; beginning his tenure in August of 2015. He has also worked as a lawyer and led his family owned telecommunications production business’s chief executive office; after serving as CEO, Dr. Victor sold the business and pursued his dreams of being a college professor. He went on to teach business at Mercyhurst University, eventually filling the role of dean of the college of business.
As a university president, Dr. Victor puts his energy and focus into fundraising for his schools and giving that money back to the student population by enhancing their overall experience at the college. When working for Mercyhurst, Dr. Victor made it his mission to restore the university’s brand, build consumable amenities, sports tracks, new collaborative spaces, and leading campus beautification projects; he prides himself in taking his role quite seriously, citing his strength in being a personable candidate. “I’m an accessible president. I walk around and am visible. I’m anxious to talk to students and engage with them, even be a mentor if they seek that kind of relationship out.”
When asked, “Why West Liberty,” Dr. Victor spoke highly of the potential he saw in the campus; “It has great programs, it looks good, and it’s within great proximity to my family. I think I can do something really meaningful to enhance West Liberty’s student experience; let’s renovate the union, make the library and convenience stores open 24/7, provide new dining facilities and options. I’m deeply interested in this university, and impressed with it’s students and setting. The athletic facilities are spectacular, we just need to make some tweaks here and there to really deliver a fun and meaningful student experience.” Dr. Victor often spoke of how important the student experience is to him, going on to say that a lack of lively and vibrant weekend scenes and experiences lead to retention problems; meaning that adult students, after leaving the university, will be disinclined to give back to their alma mater. “Engagement with students is paramount to the success of our university.”
As a final question, I asked the candidate if he would like to give a few lines to our newspaper and campus community as a whole to sum up his campaign; “I will always believe in my personal motto… I can change the world one student at a time – and I can do that here. I’ve done it at all my previous schools and I will continue to do it.”
“Everything is to be geared toward the student, the faculty are here for the student, and so is the president, all to help them learn, grow, and prepare for their life and career.”