Back to School Tips

By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer

It is August, so that means school will be starting in a couple of weeks for  West Liberty students. It’s the time for all the preparation students need to do to get back into the swing of school. Here are some tips on what students can do to come out of summer vacation mode.

1. Practice going to bed early.

One thing about summer vacation is being able to sleep in and to catch up on beauty rest, but since 8:00am classes will be coming for some students, I think it will be wise to practice going to bed a little earlier than normal.

2. Buy your school clothes and supplies before classes start.

One common thing that people do at the end of the summer is buy school clothes and supplies at the last minute.

So go out and buy some new clothes and be ready to change your wardrobe for the upcoming school year.

3. Get all of your financial aid stuff together.

One stressful thing about college is financial aid problems such as loans, grants, scholarships, and also dorm supplies if you live on campus.

So it is very important in the final couple weeks left of summer vacation to get all your financial aid stuff together so that by the time school starts you will be ready.

4. Students who live on campus, clearly have to live in the dorms or campus apartments.

Sometimes it is stressful having a roommate, packing clothes, food, and other accessories.

So in order to be ready for that, students should practice on their own time getting all of those things together so when the school year starts, there won’t be too much stress.

5. Check your schedule.

At the beginning of the school year students are still modifying their schedule trying to get in and out of classes.

So in order to be ready and not too stressed at the beginning of the school year, students should check and get their schedule all straightened up ahead of time.

So those are some tips on how to get ready for the up and coming school year. I’m sure this advice will help with the process of getting out of the summer vacation mode. Good luck to all the Hilltoppers during this up and coming school year.