Lambda Psi Sigma sorority hosts their philanthropy event via Instagram


Riley Duda- Public Relations Chair

Lambda Psi Sigma at Hozak Farms.

Through the week of Nov. 9, the sorority, Lambda Psi Sigma, hosted their philanthropy takeover event on their Instagram page, @lambdapsisigma. Philanthropy refers to the desire to help others, specifically through the donation of money to charities or other groups. Lambda Psi Sigma has chosen to spotlight animal shelters in the area by posting about one each day this week. Andria Templeton, Philanthropy Chair, commented, “We just wanted to spread awareness and find forever homes for all of the animals!” Lambda Psi Sigma has put spotlights on Marshall County, Ohio County, Belmont County, Wetzel County, and Brooke County Animal Shelters.
In addition to the posts about the shelters, Lambda Psi Sigma also posted a Venmo Bingo Card on their Instagram Story every day during the week. This way, people can donate by sending money to their Venmo account, @LambdaPsi-Sigma. At the conclusion of the takeover event, the sorority is going to donate all the money to the shelter with the most likes on its individual post.
Usually, Lambda Psi Sigma would also host Puppies on the Quad during this week, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. Members of the sorority would bring their own dogs to West Liberty’s Quad. By doing so, they hoped to encourage people to check the animal shelters for animals needing forever homes. The members hope this activity can continue in the future and are saddened that it was canceled this year.
Philanthropy is very important to Lambda Psi Sigma. New active member Kaitlyn Bailey also made a comment, saying, “As a new member, I have been able to pick up on how much our philanthropy means to the entire sorority. Everyone gets very excited when we learn that a pet has been adopted from one of the shelters we partner with.” This attitude is reflected by the other members as they continuously share the Instagram posts on their personal pages and spread information across campus.