Spring Organization presents opportunities to get involved with campus life

After a semester interrupted by COVID-19 restrictions, West Liberty clubs and organizations are once again able to meet in person. This week, students have had the opportunity to find out more about the different groups on campus at the Spring Organization Fair in the Alumni Room in the College Union.
Groups have been participating in the fair since Monday, but there are still two days left to go and learn about the vast variety of clubs that West Liberty offers. Doors are open from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m..
The Spring Organization fair is usually held inside the ballroom with around 35-40 of the Hilltop’s 50-plus clubs and organizations present. This year the fair has taken on a slightly different appearance to keep students and staff as safe as possible while attending. Kate Billings, Director of Student Activities at West Liberty said, “Five to six groups can sign up per day to table in the Alumni Room! This will let us monitor the number of people in the room at the time…We also expect many groups to table after this week on their own in the Ballroom as it may fit better with their schedule.”
After almost a year of activities and meetings become increasingly remote, it is more important than ever to get involved with campus life and return to a somewhat of a normal routine. Although Zoom provides a great alternative, nothing can replace meeting with a group face-to-face. “Getting involved and connected is super important! Enrollment is up at WLU this term, so we definitely have first time students and transfers joining us, who are also looking to see what campus offers!” said Billings. “For each person involvement looks different, and our office wants to make sure we are communicating all those opportunities about clubs, leadership positions, and social events in person and virtually to all students so that they can take advantage in their own way!”
The fair presents an opportunity to discover what is on offer on the Hilltop. With such a variety of organizations, there is a very large chance that something fits your interests, and if not then you could try setting up your own club. Charli McConnell, West Liberty’s Political Science Club President, said “The organizational fair is a great place to put yourself out there because it gives students the opportunity to see just what clubs there are available on campus. Also, it gives students the chance to find a club they are interested in and in turn would allow them to become more involved on campus. Joining new clubs and organizations on campus provides a way to make new friends with similar interests.”
Although in-person meetings are able to resume this semester, all West Liberty clubs must adhere to the university’s COVID-19 guidelines to avoid outbreaks as much as possible. Club attendees must be socially distanced at meetings, masks must be worn at all times, and rooms are limited to half capacity.
For a full list of all of West Liberty’s clubs and organizations go to this link to find out more about joining or setting up a new club, email [email protected] to get started.