West Liberty campus and W. Va. COVID-19 Updates

While West Virginia continues to lead the nation in COVID-19 rollout and administration, and life here on the Hilltop remains relatively quiet among the ongoing whirlwind of the pandemic, Governor Jim Justice has announced our state’s entry into a partnership with the corporate pharmaceutical chain Walgreens to deliver weekly surpluses of thousands of more vaccines for the people of West Virginia. Dosage numbers are estimated to sit at around an additional 5,800 vaccines per week for residents of the state 65 years and older; these extra doses will also be used to continue vaccinating the current and growing field of health care workers and professionals.

With 5.82 percent of the entire population of the state having been vaccinated, Gov. Justice was also proud to make known that some 100,286 first round doses have been administered and the amount of second round doses, 34,288, only continues to grow with time. In an interview with WSAZ News Channel 3, Gov. Justice illustrated further just how much success the mountain state continues to see with vaccine rollout thus far; “We finished last week’s allocations with 106.1 percent going into somebody’s arm,” said Gov. Justice. “You say how in the world are they getting over 100 percent? Ya know, well it’s just real simple we’re getting more doses out of the vials and we have an 87.2 percent administration rate of our second doses.”

Vaccination clinics will once again be held throughout all 55 counties of West Virginia for residents 65 years and older, with most, specifically through ‘operation save our wisdom,’ utilizing pre-existing waitlists; as of Monday, Feb. 8, more than 216,000 West Virginia residents have already registered for the coming clinics. As a final note of hope to the community of the Hilltop and the greater state of West Virginia, it has been officially noted that for the twenty-third consecutive day – COVID-19 cases have been on the steady decline.