Alan Ramsey celebrates 30 years of service as Elbin Library Tech assistant

The chance to work at a job for 30 years is something that many people hope to achieve. Mr. Alan Ramsey has served as West Liberty Universities Elbin Library Tech Assistant for such a span of time.

Ramsey received his higher education from Berea College, which is located in Berea, KY. While there, he majored in history and earned his double minor in English and philosophy.
As a student at Berea College, student labor was required so Ramsey worked in the cafeteria as well as in the school’s library. Ramsey also worked in his family’s restaurant businesses prior to receiving his job at West Liberty.

Ramsey’s journey to the Hilltop began when he saw a job advertisement in the Wheeling Intelligencer. From there, he applied and was hired in August of 1989. According to Ramsey, he doesn’t consider himself to be an educator, but rather a Library Technical Associate which is what his job description states.

“Alan is an absolute wizard in obtaining interlibrary loan materials. If it’s available somewhere, he knows how to get it. Both students and professors rely on him for their research, and he’s amazing at what he does,” said Katy Zane Head of Learning Resources.

According to Edward Wolf Library Tech Assistant, Ramsey is best known in the library as the “Interlibrary Loan Guru.” Wolf also noted that Ramsey is not big on being in the spotlight, however being at West Liberty for over 30 years is deserving of recognition.
In his time at West Liberty, Ramsey has learned how to deal with the people and new technologies in his field of work.

Stacie Groch, Head of Library Operations said that “he will search other libraries across the country and doesn’t stop until he finds what it is he is looking for. He is an asset to the Paul N. Elbin Library and I have enjoyed working with him throughout the years.”
“My motivation in my job is to become better and better at it, so that I am best able to serve the West Liberty University community,” said Ramsey.

Currently, Ramsey is not active in any campus organizations or clubs, however, when the organization still existed, Ramsey was a member of the West Virginia Coalition for High Education. He also was on the West Liberty University’s Staff Council for a number of years before resigning from his position.

West Liberty University is grateful to Ramsey for being a part of it’s staff for the last 30 years. Thank you to Mr. Alan Ramsey for his dedication and commitment to his staff and college community.