Intramural sports recap; March 13-17


Some students who participated in this past week events. From left to right: Natalie Burke, Jerricho Givens, Emma Philips, Aaron York, Dominic Simich, Trey Bennett, Tony Ferch, Joseph Ferch, Keaton Grider, and Ross Salvatori.

Every week, a variety of Intramural sporting events are held for students of any skill level to have fun playing ping pong, volleyball, hockey, soccer and more. The WLU intramurals Graduate Assistant, Ross Salvatori, can be found on site at either Blatnik Gym or the Student Union overseeing the events to ensure that rules are followed and maximize the fun for everyone. If anyone is on the fence about attending or didn’t know about the intramurals yet, here’s a recap of what has happened throughout the week!


Ping Pong

            On Monday, March 13, an eight-player ping pong tournament was held in the Student Union. A neck and neck grand finals competition took place between eight-time champion and junior Dominic Simich and junior Jerricho Givens. Simich was able to barely seize victory yet again with a score of 11 to 9. Yet another heated match may ensue next time in an attempt to put an end to his win streak.



            On Thursday, March 16, many new and returning players gathered in Blatnik Gym to enjoy soccer with their peers.  Students with a background in soccer, as well as those with little soccer experience, were able to come together for some laid-back fun. Players cheered loudly for their team as goals were scored—many by students who had never attended Intramural Soccer events before. The objective of the events is to create an environment where anyone can take a break from stress and have fun with friends. 

“I enjoy every opportunity provided by Ross and the university to play casual sports with my friends,” sophomore Joseph Ferch stated, who is a  frequent attendee of Intramural events. 

If anyone is looking to take part in any events next week, the schedule for March 20 through March 24 can be found below.


Week ahead

  • Spikeball – Monday, March 20 at 8:00 p.m – Blatnik Gym
  • Beat the Pros: Racquetball – Monday, March 20 at 9:00 p.m – Academic, Sports, and Recreation Complex (ASRC)
  • Ping Pong Tournament – Wednesday, March 22 at 8:00 p.m  – Student Union
  • Floor Hockey – Thursday, March 23 at 6:30 p.m – Blatnik Gym