Hilltop Players Invite You for Dungeons and Dragons Quest

By Natasha Muhametzyanova, contributing writer

“This nerd was a girl-nerd, the most uncommon form of nerd in the world…,” with these words the adventure kicked off into the world full of magic, battles, and family secrets. On opening night, Feb. 11, She Kills Monsters took Kelly Theater on a Dungeons and Dragons quest.

She Kills Monsters, a play by Qui Nguyen, tells a story of Agnes Evans (Alexandria Glotfelty) who is coping with grief after the death of her little sister, Tilly (Destiny Walsh). The life of Agnes was completely changed after she found Tilly’s Dungeons and Dragons notebook which introduced her to the magical world of role playing games.

For the majority of the cast this play was the first experience with the game. “I heard about D&D but, just like my character, I did not know much about it. I learned a lot about the game through this production,” said Glotfelty.

Nick Morris, who plays Agnes’s boyfriend, Miles, said that he as well did not know much about the game but was fascinated with the story. Jed Shook, who plays the role of an exceptionally likable ex-overlord of the Underworld Orcus, felt comfortable in the adventurous world of RPG. Shook enjoys playing D&D, and there is a chance that other Hilltop players may join him for a campaign or two.

“This play actually inspired me to try playing D&D. I think it will be fun!” said Glotfelty, and she is not the only cast member who thinks about entering the D&D world.

“I always wanted to play D&D but somehow I never got a chance,” said Zac Morris, who played a charismatic Dungeon Master Chuck. That only speaks in favor of Zac Morris’s acting skills as his portrayal of the dungeon master looks incredibly genuine. Maybe that is one of the reasons why both Glotfelty and Nick Morris said that Chuck is their favorite character in the play. 

Magic was in the air throughout the play, yet it brought up a lot of real-life problems making the audience laugh, sympathize and at times sob.

“There is a part that really touched me. It was the moment when my character realized that her sister is truly gone and that the game will not bring her back. It was a sad but very powerful part of the play,” said Glotfelty.

“I think the scene with bugbears was the best. They are just so funny! Don’t you think so, guys?” said Nick Morris.  

Looks like this production was born under the lucky star: the costumes, the music, the set, all fell into place. Needless to say, the audience will have high expectations of the next work of the Hilltop players.

If you missed the opening week, there is still time to see the show as the production continues next Thursday, Feb. 18 and will play all weekend, with a culminating performance Sunday, Feb. 21 at 3p.m. If you’ve never played D&D, prepare for the unexpected urge to buy a D20. I think I am going to look for one right now.


Photo provided by Meta Lasch. Back row from left to right: Alex Burdick as Kaliope, Jed Shook as Orcus, Destiny Walsh as Tilly, Chris Rees as Steve the Mage, Ingrid Young as Lilith.  The front row is Alexandria Glotfelty as Agnes.