Top sports to enjoy during summer

By Walker Polivka, Contributing Writer

As we start to get into summer, the NBA Finals is wrapping up while the Stanley Cup Finals finished last night. With football still being a few months away, you have a huge gap in what sports to watch. The obvious choice is baseball since it is on early everyday, but here are some other options that you might not think of. 


Tennis is one of those sports that either you love or hate. I personally love it. Tennis has tournaments virtually every week all over the world. The Tennis Channel is your best bet, but check local listings because CBS and ESPN also air tournaments.


A lot of people consider golf to be boring; I am not one of those people. Golf airs basically everyday on the Golf Channel. Between the PGA (men), LPGA (women), European (men in Europe), Champions (men over 50), and (basically the minor leagues of golf) tours, there is always an interesting tournament on.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “NASCAR? I’m not watching guys make left handed turns all day.” It may seem like that, but there is skill involved. The drivers need to know how to handle their cars, the pit crews have to know how to fix the car so it’ll drive more efficiently, and there are rivalries and exciting moments galore. NASCAR airs mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on Fox Sports 1 (FS1), NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), NBC, and FOX. Check your local listings for more accurate timely information.


 I know this must sound boring, but bowling has a number of interesting qualities. There is no age limit, so you could see a 20-year-old play a 60-year-old and have a competitive match. It is easy to follow along. While you’re watching, you can actually envision yourself playing it, which is the best gift of all.


This one may seem the strangest, but fishing is a very competitive sport. And if you love peacefulness, this is the sport for you. You can watch the event on mute and still understand what is going on. Fishing is also a lifelong sport, so you may see a young fisherman take on someone who is in their seventies.

Whether you watch the luscious green fairways, listen to the roars of the cars, listen to the sound of a hard-hit serve, watch someone throw a strike, or enjoy the sounds of someone reeling in a catfish – enjoy sports. Sports are highly competitive, fun to watch, and can be a real bonding experience.

These are only a few examples of what you can watch, but there are countless others out there. Remember to have fun, watch some sports, and maybe play some of your own if you have the time. Playing a sport is a great form of exercise and is a great way to stay in shape.

Photo credit: Walker Polivka