Art Club offers creative outlets, relaxing atmosphere

A few years ago,

Sometimes the club will visit exhibits in Pittsburgh. Tallman’s favorite memory from the art club is taking a trip to Pittsburgh: “We went to Carnegie Art Museum and then we went to midnight dinner. Our professor joined us. It was quite surprising.” At the end of the year, the art club has a party with all the members.

Kat Stamper is the vice-president of art club. She is a double majoring in both elementary and art education. She has been in this club since its inception. “We always try to do something unusual. We painted on Barbies one time. One girl brought them and we did it,” said Stamper.

Tallman and Stamper work day by day on improving their club. “This year was kind of hard for me. I did not want to give up, I just was exhausted. If I did not have Stamper who helps me a lot, I probably would’ve given up. Also, seeing everyone enjoying it and having a good time; it makes me happy,” said Tallman.

He wants art club to keep going and to stay after the members leave. “Honestly, I want kids to be creative outside of class. Lots of kids are tired of school; they need to have a rest. This is not only time to relax but also share their passion by making art with other people,” said Tallman. Students from different backgrounds are also members of art club. “I am an art therapy major. Well, I have always enjoyed art. It gives me confidence. It helps me to reduce anger,” stated Rosaleah Brill, an active member of a club.

Art for Tallman is not only what he wants to do with his life, but also he said that it is his life. When he does not do art he does not feel happy. This is the only thing he wants to do. However, there is also a time when he does not want to do art because he is so overwhelmed with it. He would be glad to share his knowledge with you.

On April 9 there is an event called “Watercolor my World” where the art club will be painting with bubbles and tea. Fliers for the events are posted around campus, and anyone can join the group at any time. They usually have a club meeting at room 204 in the Fine Arts Building every Tuesday night from 4:30 to 5:30.