Still Bored? 8 more fun things to do while stuck at home

Lizzy Griffith

Follow these 8 things to do to have some fun!

          Staying at home might sound like an inevitable boredom sentence, but there are several things to do to keep busy and have fun that does not involve leaving your home. Whether you are staying at home with family, friends or even by yourself, there are activities to do to help pass the time. Try some of the eight activities listed below to help with your boredom. 

1. Purge your Closet 

          As we transition into spring, this is the best time to purge your closet. Go through your clothes and get ready for warmer weather. As you are sorting through clothes, decide which items you don’t wear anymore. You can either give them away or you can give an old tee a makeover.  If you have a plain shirt and want to give it some style, you can add a patch or even cut and sew it to give it a new look. (Again, Pinterest is a lifesaver). Painting a pattern onto an old pair of jeans to make them unique or even a pair of old tennis shoes is a way to get creative while saving money on new clothes.

2. Rearrange your room

          After you have cleaned out your closet, this would be a good time to clean your room or move furniture around to give your room a new look. Maybe your family wants to jump on the bandwagon and give the house a new look. This is also the perfect time to start your spring cleaning. Considering what is going on in the world right now, your home could use an extensive deep cleaning. For some people, cleaning can be therapy and a way to clear the mind. If you want to force yourself to get up and moving while making the house smell like fresh lemon, spring cleaning is the way to go.

3. Listen to Music 

         Music should not be taken for granted, especially when most of us are probably listening to our playlists on shuffle almost daily. Whether it’s listening to music in the shower, while you work out or anytime during the day, music helps pass the time. Find songs that will put you and your family in a good mood and play it for everyone. This is the perfect time to practice your karaoke skills. Music can be calming and help take your mind off everything that may be causing you stress or anxiety.

4. Try Yoga/Meditation 

          This activity is something to do that we all know about, but most of us forget to try: yoga and meditation. Everyone, no matter gender or body type, can benefit from practicing yoga. You can take a couple minutes up to an hour as many times that you feel necessary throughout the week to stretch your body and relax your mind. Some may feel uncomfortable doing this, so meditation could be an alternative. You can meditate at any point in the day, anywhere you feel comfortable. Meditation right before bed might allow you to clear your mind and fall asleep bet ofter if you have trouble sleeping. There are plenty videos and apps that can help guide you if you are unfamiliar with the process. Yoga and meditation are both highly beneficial when it comes to your physical and mental health.

5. Stay Active

          Since most of us are back home and don’t have easy access to the gym anymore, staying active is important to prevent becoming a couch potato. You don’t have to have gym equipment to workout either. Go on YouTube or look up at-home workouts that don’t require equipment and dedicate some time to get active. You may not find yourself working out as much as you would regularly but working your muscles and moving around is part of taking care of yourself too.

6. Get some Fresh Air 

          Since spring has arrived and days are getting warmer, getting some fresh air and going outside can help you avoid that cabin fever feeling. If the sun is shining, go for a walk or run. If you have dogs, take them outside and play with them. Ask your siblings if they want to play basketball or soccer with you. Enjoy the sunshine and spring air when you can; April showers are among us.

7. Write Letters 

          Something that this generation takes for granted is writing letters. Your grandparents and other family members would love to hear from you. You can write to anybody you want; about anything you want. This is an easy way to stay in touch with family members that means a little more than a text. Writing a letter can be therapeutic and very sentimental, especially in times like these. Your words hold a lot of power, so use them wisely and make a loved one feel special.

8. Keep up with School Work

          Besides taking the time to try new things with all this given free time, it is just as important to keep up with schoolwork. As we all transition into the new norm of online classes, it can be difficult to stay on track. Musap said, “To help with stress about school, I have been making a weekly schedule to help manage my assignments.” Setting reminders on your phone and setting specific times to work on homework will keep you from procrastinating. Even getting up at the same time for class as you would before and using that time to work on assignments is a way to manage your work.

          It is fair to say that we all miss how things used to be, but instead of moping around and doing nothing, do all the things you have wanted to try before because now you have the time to do it. Step out of your comfort zone, get creative, and spend some quality time with your family. Be there for your friends and family during this difficult time and finish this semester with a bang.