West Lib Closet brings repurposing opportunity for students

By Morgan Goddard, Assistant Editor

A recent sales opportunity has opened up at West Liberty University that many students jumped on. Sophomore Zahir Hicks has created West Lib Closet, an event he hopes will become an annual one.

The purpose of the West Lib Closet is to allow students to sell gently used items, such as clothes, that they do not need anymore, or even hand crafted items such as jewelry or needlepoint work. The event will be held tomorrow Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.

Hicks explained the West Lib Closet as, “an event where students and faculty can buy and sell gently used items such as but not limited to: clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, books, and art. Everyone who participates in West Lib Closet benefits; vendors benefit by selling their items, and buyers get cool items at a discounted price.”

Hicks isn’t the only one running the organization, as he will have help from Campus Activities Coordinator Kate Billings.

Hicks said he came up with the idea of the West Lib Closet because, “I personally have a ton of stuff lying around my house that I no longer use and I know other people do as well; West Lib Closet came about when I thought of a way to repurpose my old stuff. I wanted to create an event that was entertaining and unique, but most importantly I wanted to create an event that would be beneficial to the people involved.”

 There will be ten vendors at the event: Kayla Black, Cordell Felder, Meredith Garner, Morgan Goddard, Dominique Harris, Lydia Mathers, Christian Morriss, Brandon Morrison, Nathaniel Salomon, and Miranda Snell.

Hicks said that some items will be, “clothing & shoes, musical instruments, books, homemade soaps, baked goods, electronic speakers and gaming systems; these are just a few things that will be sold at West Lib Closet.”

For those interested in how to sign up for the next West Lib Closet, Hicks explains the qualifications as “being a West Liberty University student or a part of the West Liberty University faculty,” Hicks continues, “You do not have to be affiliated with the university to purchase items from West Lib Closet vendors.”

Hicks also says, “In order to sign up for West Lib Closet you must simply contact me or Kate Billings saying that you would like to participate. After that we will reserve a booth for you, which ensures your participation in the event.”

 This is a two day event, so if you can’t go the first day don’t worry. However, the vendors can’t guarantee what will be left by the second day. Be sure to come out this week and support your fellow Hilltoppers.