Students represent WLU at Undergraduate Research Day 

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor
Several West Liberty University students attended Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol on Friday, Feb. 16 in Charleston, W.Va. 

Undergraduate Research Day is an annual event where students from colleges and universities across the state showcase their research in their respective fields. From media design to chemistry, students from different paths at WLU all had a chance to present their research.
WLU students presenting included Edward Beaumont (Podostemum ceratophyllum and its Occurrences in Eastern North America), Adam Bert (Duck Potato Extract May Lead to the Inhibition of Biofilm Formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa), Courtney Carter (The Rebirth of Coal in West Virginia), Linda Hall (Disability Kids Targeted by Bullies), Thomas Nagy (Scale Control in Oilfield Applications), Isaiah Selmon-Miller (Efficacy of Resazomycins Against Burkholderia cepacia), Michelle Yadrick and Moriah Chicoine (The Psych Out Program: A Mobile Educational Program).
“Presenting Psych Out research at the Capitol gave us a unique opportunity to talk to state legislators about our program. As students of a liberal arts university, it is important for us to have a presence at the Capitol to remind legislators about psychology’s practical importance,” said psychology student Yadrick. 
Yadrick and Chicoine’s research focused on “Psych Out,” a program created to increase knowledge of psychology and its subfields and how psychology applies to everyday life. 
“I have attended previously, and every year it’s a new experience for me,” said Chicoine. “This year was the first year we had the delegate from our county actually come and view our poster. Really, the whole experience from seeing the architecture of the capitol to reading others research is my favorite.”
“I felt very honored to be able to participate at the Undergraduate Research Day,” said Hall, a community education student. “My favorite part of that day was passing around my words about Miracle League.” Hall’s research focused on Miracle League, a handicap baseball field, and why bullying rates are higher among the disabled and special needs community. 
Usually, students are given the chance to speak to representatives from their respective districts while their posters are set up for a few hours. While some students did get that opportunity, this year’s Undergraduate Research Day was cut short due to a teacher protest against PEIA funding policies, advocating for better pay and health care. After a while, the Capitol’s pathways were blocked.
“This year was a little different from usual. At about 10:30 a.m., teachers in the area started a planned strike against current PEIA funding policies,” said Yadrick. “This actually cut our URDC event short; however, it was very interesting to watch their protest.”
“We were still able to present our posters for the first hour or so,” explained Chicoine.
This opportunity for students is sponsored by West Virginia University, West Virginia State University, Marshall University and the WV Higher Education Policy Commission.
Photos provided by Michelle Yadrick and Linda Hall